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The word brand is from the Old English, of Germanic origin. The word originally meant ‘burning’ or ‘a piece of burning or smoldering wood’; the verb sense ‘mark permanently with a hot iron’ dates from┬álate Middle English. The noun sense ‘mark of ownership made by branding’, arose in the mid 17th century, and the modern sense arose in the early 19th century pertaining to image or identity. Source: Oxford Dictionaries

At Go To Marketing & Consulting, we are firm believers in strong branding. Effective emphasis on branding will literally mark your company with an unmistakable and unique identity among your competitors. In this age of online marketing, establishing your brand can be an intimidating prospect. It is an effort that needs to permeate all aspects of your marketing, your image, your communications to existing and prospective customers and across all media. At Go To Marketing a & Consulting we can help you establish, improve or even reinvent your brand identity.

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