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While traditional SEO efforts such as link-building, meta tags and keywords will continue to be important in terms of SERP (search engine results page) rankings, Google and the other search engines have been working to keep changing the algorithms that provide these rankings. They are seeking to limit the effect that SEOs can have on rankings. They are also targeting link firms. This is all part of an elaborate dance between the search engines and SEOs to offset on the one hand and enhance on the other the ability to in any artificial way upgrade page rankings for a particular website.

Enter the even higher emphasis on social media! At Go To Marketing & Consulting, we have been emphasizing to our clients the importance of their appropriate activities within the various social media. Given limited resources, it is incumbent on each company to be selective of the social media they employ. After all, it is easy to look at the clock and realize you have just spent  45 minutes on Facebook! For many B2C companies Facebook is the most appropriate, perhaps supplemented with Pinterest or another vehicle. Many B2B companies should rely more on LinkedIn and associated online groups. Depending on the audience and the potential subject matter, a blog can be a very effective supplement to these activities.

Let Go To Marketing & Consulting assist and advise on the most effective use and best practices among your social media options.

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